What To Know About Choosing A Therapist?

People tend to think that going to a therapist or counsellor is a difficult thing. While it can be difficult to own up to the fact that you have a problem, it can be the first step towards healing. There are a lot of professionals who will be able to help you with whatever issue you have. There are psychiatrists, mediators, family counsellors, social workers, marriage counsellors etc. They all provide mental health services and they are all equipped to help you with certain issues. Then the question comes, which therapist should you go for?

A good therapist will be able to guide you when you are in trouble and they will be able to help you see the world in a new perspective. They will be accepting of your flaws and patient with you. There are a lot of labels when it comes to therapists but above all else, what you need to focus on is the compatibility of you and the therapist. Psychiatrists are doctors who have medical training and have a license to prescribe drugs. They will be trained in psychotherapy. Psychologists will have extensive knowledge about the human mind and be equipped to deal with counselling, psychotherapy etc. Then there are social workers who help individuals maintain their social and psychological function.

Licensed counsellors and therapists will have a degree in counselling and they will be able to diagnose certain mental disorders and treat a person by interacting with them. They will be able to help a patient with many problems such as depression, substance abuse, parenting, marital problems, anxiety counselling Fremantle etc.The experience of a therapist does count to some degree but it is not very important. What is more important is their ability to deal with their patients and provide guidance.

Check the credentials of the counsellors but more than that, you need to know how they deal with certain problems. You need to know their take on certain issues and how open they are with the patients. If a person visits a therapist for depression counselling Fremantle then the therapist should be able to adapt to the needs of the individual and respond accordingly.

Every patient is unique and they will need different approaches to their problem.It is best to collect names of counsellors so that you will be able to research more about them and look for someone who fit your requirements. You can also call a psychology department in a university and ask for recommendations. You can also ask your therapist to refer you to a new counsellor if you’re moving to a new city. Other sources you can check are clinics, friends, family and professional associations.