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Learn The Art Of Public Speaking

Do you want to take up public speaking as a profession or have a big presentation coming up where you just need to impress? Well, then Michelle Bowden’s public speaking training is just what you need to gain some super persuasive skills. Being a coach to the likes of celebrities, authors, CEO’s and billionaires, Michelle Bowden offers various public speaking courses in Sydney starting from a masterclass to specialized training just for you. 

It is a fact well known that words well said, can open doors to realms of possibilities unbeknownst before. So, book a class today and see what wonders await you. These classes will not only give you the boost your presentation needs, they will help you in overcoming your anxiety and communicating effectively to a diverse group of people. Unlike what most people believe, public speaking doesn’t come in handy for just your job. It is an essential tool that everyone should have in their arsenal. Being able to speak publicly can help you build lifelong connections and it is a key aspect of the powers of persuasion. However, Michelle Bowden doesn’t just offer training, she has a best-selling book by the name of, ‘how to present’. This book, like no other, is your perfect guide to presenting effectively and will take you through your presentation step by step.  

These public speaking courses and public speaking training classes will guide you to assess your audience and let you speak in the manner that best fits you. Every person has their own style and Michelle Bowden is known to hone in your existing speaking skills rather than equip you with new ones that don’t fit your personality. One sure fire way to learn something is by learning what not to do. Through Michelle’s classes you will come to know of gestures, expressions and other mistakes you absolutely must avoid in order to create a positive impact.  

Whether you are looking to become a professional public speaker, a working mother wanting to improve your career prospects, a student looking to broaden your horizons or just want to persuade someone to say yes, our masterclass will help you get the kick start you need. Apart from public speaking, you will also come to know how to make a captivating PowerPoint presentation. Since speech can only go so far, the PowerPoint presentation will help create a lasting impression.     public-speaker